A high quality mouthpiece or headjoint is the first step towards achieving a more mature sound. If your student musician is playing on the mouthpiece they started beginning band, it is probably time for a step up. Recommendations for equipment, as well as where to purchase*, are listed below.

(*The Spartan Band Program does not endorse or recommend any business over another. There are many other qualified music stores that not listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the directors.)

Band Instrument Service Company
Cascio Interstate Music
Mid-Rivers Music
Mozingo Music
Music and Arts
Woodwind and Brasswind

Hite Premiere (around $20)
Rovner Dark Ligature (around $15)
Vandoren Reeds

Hite Premiere (around $25)
Selmer C* (around $120)
Rovner Dark Ligature (around $15)
Vandoren Reeds

Bach 3C

Holton Farkas MDC (around $35)

(be careful when ordering trombone mouthpieces, as the shank size can be different)
Bach 6 ½ AL (around $40)
Yamaha 48 (around $35)

(be careful when ordering baritone mouthpieces, as the shank size can be different)
Bach 6 ½ AL (around $40)
Yamaha 48D, 51D (around $35)
Schilke 51D (around $50)

Conn Helleberg 7B (around $55)

Innovative IP 200 Mallet
Vic Firth SD1 Snare Drum Stick

Often, the only thing keeping a student from really developing as a player is the instrument. The instruments a student plays on as a beginner are outgrown by high school. An intermediate or advanced instrument is designed with a more mature player in mind, helping them achieve a better tone, better sound in the higher and lower registers, and more ease in technical playing (of course, practicing is still important). There are several suggestions for instruments listed below, but there are obviously others. Be cautious of instruments that are priced very low, seem too good to be true, or are not brands easily recognized by music repair shop, private teacher, or band directors. In these cases, a new instrument can sometimes turn out to be a bigger challenge than they are worth! One of the most important things about purchasing a new instrument is knowing that it plays well. While surprising your student with a new instrument under the tree is a very thoughtful gesture, it may be better to let them try several out before purchasing or renting one.

Instruments with open tone holes and/or sterling silver headjoints
Yamaha 300 or 600

Wood instrument
Buffet R-13 or E-11

Alto Sax
Selmer 52
La Voix II

Tenor Sax
La Voix II
Selmer 54

Fox 220, 240

Bach Stradivarius
Yamaha 1805

F Horn
Conn 8D, 9D
Yamaha 668, 667, 569

Bach Stradivarius
Conn 88H
Yamaha 400, 640

Yamaha YBB- 641
Conn 5J

Musser M41 Xylophone

Many of the items listed above are available at local music stores or over the internet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Griffin, Mr. Messerli, or your private lesson teacher.